SoundPLANessential 5.0

...including CNOSSOS_EU

SoundPLANessential 5.0 is now available with numerous new features and improvements. For example, the previous interface to Google Earth has been replaced by an easy-to-use map interface. This allows you to easily transfer background maps from GoogleMaps, as well as from OpenStreetMap, to SoundPLANessential. In addition, the elevation data provided by GoogleMaps can be imported and used as a basis for your terrain model. With the new version 5.0, you can use a new, additional interface to OpenStreetMap to import data. This allows you to import your data model almost anywhere in the world with little effort.

For industrial noise, a convenient level calculator has been implemented, with which operating times and the emission of moving sound sources can be easily taken into account. The available propagation calculation methods were supplemented by CNOSSOS-EU (road, rail and industrial noise), including the German and Austrian adaptations.

The new version includes several new improvements. All of them are described in detail in our SoundPLANessential update news. The installation file is available via Updates and Downloads in SoundPLANessential 5.0.