Product description

Cover a wide range of applications with the SoundPLANnoise software package

SoundPLANnoise offers you the necessary tools and libraries that you need to execute your projects for all areas of application. Whether it's a noise study for a building development plan, expert noise reports at the workplace or noise remediation: with its powerful and quality-assured calculation kernel, SoundPLANnoise is the professional solution for your tasks.

Noise surveys

Whether in buildings or outdoors, whether industrial or traffic noise: with its versatile tools, SoundPLANnoise is the right acoustics software for every conceivable area of application.

Creation of noise models and documentation

With SoundPLANnoise, it is easy to create quick noise simulations, a variety of tabular outputs and informative noise maps. It also supports the assessment of different evaluation methods.

Modular design of the acoustics software

Due to the modular structure of SoundPLANnoise, you can customize the acoustics software to meet your specific requirements. Modules can be added or removed at any time, according to your needs.

SoundPLAN unlimited

No matter which configuration you use to work with SoundPLANnoise, the number of diffractive and reflective objects is always unlimited. You can also take advantage of the unlimited possibilities for creating variants and of the efficient multi-document solution for your projects. While the calculations for a project are running, you can already prepare and document other results graphically.

Flexible use of software licenses

SoundPLANnoise enables you to work in a flexible, modern way: in the office, together with colleagues using a server-based solution, on the way to an appointment or simply at home.

Always up to date

With a maintenance contract for SoundPLANnoise, you are always up to date. Our program is constantly being developed and adapted to the requirements of our customers. In addition, new guidelines and standards are being incorporated into the current version and are available free of charge via updates. For technical and content-related questions, our hotline team is happy to help you quickly, easily and personally by phone or e-mail.