What we believe in. What we are convinced of. What sets us apart.

You have a noise problem?

We at SoundPLAN have the solution for you.

Noise is one of the highest environmental burdens in the industrialized countries.
Therefore, we have made it our business to contribute to a quieter and healthier environment.

With our professional noise simulation software, we offer the best and most innovative tool for solving noise problems. Whether traffic, industrial and leisure noise or room acoustics: we have an efficient and suitable solution for the most diverse noise problems.

Professional, high-quality, innovative: Your noise experts from SoundPLAN

Professional, high-quality and innovative - this is our work standard and the motivation of our teams, most of whose members have been with our company for many years. This is an indication that our highly qualified physicists, engineers, computer scientists and geographers are well-attuned to each other and work closely together in software development, in the preparation of expert reports or in supporting our customers.

We ensure our high-quality standards, among other things, by often using two-person teams that support and control each other, benefit from joint know-how and thus work efficiently and in a solution-oriented way.

Think big - worldwide and across borders

In addition, we do not live on theory alone. Our team thinks beyond the borders of countries and their guidelines and is in constant exchange with experts in the field of noise protection around the world.

The daily feedback from our customers gives us the opportunity to react flexibly and to constantly improve and develop our software further.

Our strength: Less noise - more quality of life

Municipal administrations, immission control officers, engineering offices and architects benefit from our many years of experience as a market leader for professional noise simulation software, not only in Germany but on a global scale.

Our customers trust our expert knowledge when it comes to the important environmental issues of noise protection, because we do everything to reduce noise and improve people's quality of life. This is what our name stands for: SoundPLAN.