Product description

Fast and efficient

SoundPLANessential is the simple, compact solution for your requirements.

Quick familiarization

Whether you are dealing with noise protection surveys for industrial plants, development plans or traffic facilities: The intuitively operated interface allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with SoundPLANessential and provides you with exactly the options you need for standard noise reports.

The powerful, original SoundPLAN calculation kernel ensures lightning-fast calculations.

Without limitations

SoundPLANessential has no limitation when it comes to the number of sound sources, immission points and obstacles. You can also use the geometry import and the connection to Google Maps to work on your projects efficiently. The large number of emission spectra provided makes it easy to define industrial sources.

Always up to date

To enable you to benefit quickly from minor improvements and changes, we provide you with free online updates for each minor release.

Informative documentation

Clear documentation is important for standard noise projects as well. With the informative, standardised table and graphic outputs, you can present and document your results professionally and clearly in no time at all.