About us

The idea of asking the caricaturist Andreas Otto to draw us came to us quite spontaneously. Our main aim in this was to look at ourselves not only seriously, but also in a more humorous way. Since our projects always come with a large portion of seriousness, a little fun at work - in the form of regular events such as this cartoon event, sports activities or the occasional meal together - provides a healthy balance.

Our team

The interdisciplinary SoundPLAN team, consisting of physicists, computer scientists, engineers and geographers, constantly works on new concepts for software development and services. We have a global network of sales partners.

Freelancers and interns

Gert Braunstein

Gert Braunstein supports us as a freelancer with his many years of expertise in the field of expert noise reports.

This is how our pictures were created

Svenja Veric:

Senior Consultant

Tobias Werner:

Assistant of the Management Board

Aleksandra Martin:

Marketing / PR-Manager