Our guidelines

Reliable products and services have been established as a standard in our office because we place the highest demands on ourselves - both individually and as a team. Our management and corporate principles stand for this:

  • We are a guarantor for high-quality software and expert reports in the field of environmental protection.
  • We maintain our reputation as a customer-oriented software manufacturer both nationally and internationally through personal commitment.
  • We build on our strengths - not on the weaknesses of our competitors.
  • We are constantly renewing and expanding our professional competence.
  • We help our customers quickly, competently, uncomplicatedly, and in a friendly and courteous way.
  • We work with a high degree of personal responsibility and efficiency.
  • We value our employees as the most important resource of our company. We actively promote their health and well-being at work.

Quality objectives

Our studies should convince through competence and precise technical elaboration.

The software we develop and its maintenance / support should meet the requirements of our customers and be continuously updated to conform to the newest standards and guidelines. Requirements raised by the customer should be implemented promptly and with the highest possible quality.

The aim of our training courses is to provide participants with a high level of knowledge and experience in a pleasant atmosphere.