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The modular program package SoundPLANnoise

If you are in daily need of professional noise reports, you need a noise software you can rely on. Engineering offices, state and local authorities, architects, concert promoters or venues, and universities all work with our effective noise software in a wide range of application areas.

Professional noise surveys for all requirements

Ranging from simple standard investigations to special tasks, SoundPLANnoise offers answers to every conceivable question in the fields of noise immission control, environmental acoustics and room acoustics. This includes, for example, route planning, development plans, approval procedures, noise action plans, noise mapping, assessing open-air events or planning open-plan offices.

Individually adaptable - easy to use

Here's a special advantage of SoundPLANnoise: The modular structure of our software allows you quickly and easily adapt the program to your individual requirements at any time.

SoundPLANnoise is also intuitive to use. Along with its well thought-out workflow, this enables you to work efficiently - from modelling to the graphical and tabular presentation of the results - so that you can reach your goal as quickly as possible.

Always up to date

Our maintenance contract guarantees that your SoundPLANnoise software is always up to date, so that the calculations you perform are always based on the latest guidelines and standards.

Professional noise reports for a range of different areas.

Individually expandable due to the modular design.

Updates can be downloaded quickly and easily online.