The highlights of SoundPLANnoise at a glance

One software for many areas of application

SoundPLANnoise includes everything from modelling, calculations and tabular documentation in various levels of detail to informative plans for road and rail noise, commercial and leisure noise, aircraft noise, and Hallin (sound propagation indoors).

User-friendly analysis and optimization tools

In addition, SoundPLANnoise offers extensive tools - first and foremost among them is the integrated spreadsheet optimized for your problems. Further tools offer, for example, the optimization of noise protection structures, noise remediation, noise allocation, and noise protection concepts for industrial plants as well as various evaluations (such as the number of affected inhabitants) or the best cost-benefit ratio.

Flexible object definition with varying properties

A special feature of the two calculation modes "road" and "rail" is that even if any of the properties is modified in the course of the road or the railway (e.g. change of speed or bridge addition), there is no need to manage different road or railway segments.

Usage of extensive system libraries

As a SoundPLANnoise user, you have access to extensive system libraries for emission spectra, sound attenuation and absorption, which are regularly updated.

Standardized layouts

SoundPLANnoise supports your personal project presentation with pre-defined layouts, table and graphic templates, which you can adapt to your own standards.

High computing power for effective work

Our high-performance computing core is our guarantee for a high computing power. If the computing power still should not be sufficient, for example in the case of large computing areas, you can simply use SoundPLAN's distributed computing feature: This way, the computing jobs are distributed via automated workflows and then merged again. The size of the computing cluster does not matter. Whether you are using five or five hundred computers: You only need one license for this.