Involvement in standards committees

Our expertise is also in great demand when it comes to working on standards in DIN committees. By now, we are participating in this work with six people, two of which function as chairmen in different committees.

  • DIN NA 001-BR
    Advisory board of the DIN/VDI acoustics standards committee, Noise reduction and vibration control (NALS)
  • DIN NA 001-BR-02-SO
    Quality requirements and test conditions of sound engineering software for immission control
  • NA 001-01-02-01 UA
    flight noise
  • NA 001-02-03-19 UA
    sound propagation outdoors
  • NA 001-02-03-20 UA
    revision of DIN 45682
  • ISO/TC 43/SC 1
    • WG 56 - ISO 17534| Quality assurance of software for noise calculation methods
    • WG 61 | Revision of ISO 9613-2: Acoustics - Attenuation of sound propagation outdoors - Part 2: General method of calculation