Who are we?

SoundPLAN GmbH is an innovative software company and engineering firm active in the fields of noise control, noise mapping, occupational health and safety and room acoustics. The SoundPLAN prediction software, which we have successfully developed and used worldwide for over 30 years, is the basis of our success. Our team of 22 employees works hand in hand - whether in software development, customer support, expert opinions or global marketing.

What do we offer?

Development and innovation

To allow our customers to work on their tasks as efficiently as possible, we are always looking for the best and most innovative solutions in software development.

Expertise and calculation service

As surveyors, we carry out complex investigations from all areas of environmental and room acoustics. This includes, for example, planning within the framework of the 16th BImSchV, development plans, noise remediation, approval procedures according to TA-Lärm, noise action plans, noise quota allocation, determination of the relevant external noise levels according to DIN 4109-3:2016/2018, and aircraft noise investigations.

If you need help in a special field, we are also happy to offer parts of a report as a calculation service.

Attractive working environment

We offer an exciting working environment with flat hierarchies and short information and decision paths. Good working relationships among the co-workers and our regular team events additionally foster a sense of community.

Teamwork & cohesion

Teamwork and cohesion are very important to us. We strengthen this cohesion through regular activities such as joint lunches, yoga and other events.