Traffic noise road and rail

Plan approval procedure, new construction or substantial modification of roads, noise remediation, noise protection window programs, dimensioning of active and passive noise protection measures.

Urban planning

Expert noise reports for building development plans, taking into account all relevant noise sources according to DIN 18005, noise allotment according to DIN 45691, building noise protection, e.g. according to DIN 4109.

Industrial noise

Expert noise reports according to TA Lärm for building permits for new constructions, expansions or modification of industrial facilities. Design of sound insulation concepts.

Sports and leisure noise

Expert noise reports according to the Sports Facilities Noise Protection Ordinance (18. BImSchV) and the Leisure Time Noise Directive for existing, new or modified sports and leisure facilities and events.

Aircraft noise

Airfields, gliding, helicopter and landing sites, definition of noise abatement measures, control of noise pollution.

Noise mapping | Noise action planning according to the EU Environmental Noise Directive

Calculation according to European and national guidelines, statistics on people affected by noise, concepts for measures and support concerning public participation for municipalities and cities.

Sound level measurements

Measurement of road and rail traffic noise, industrial noise, construction noise, sports and leisure noise as well as noise exposure at the workplace. Execution of short or long term measurements.