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We are your professional and innovative partner when it comes to the development of software solutions or concepts for noise abatement. Our products SoundPLANnoise and SoundPLANessential are the best examples of this. With our professional noise simulation software, we offer you exactly the right tool for your problems. Find out which software meets your requirements best.

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SoundPLAN GmbH... Despite worldwide activities, SoundPLAN GmbH has remained on the carpet. As always, they provide personal, friendly advice in a familiar environment. Thanks for the last 20 years.

SoundPLANnoise... An easy to use and very intuitive program. Powerful tool for DGM creation, which even our surveyor is enthusiastic about. Very good documentation possibilities in graphics and tables.

Water and Transport Kontor GmbH

Michael Hinz

SoundPLAN GmbH... We have been working with the software of today's SoundPLAN GmbH for many years. During this time, we have come to appreciate this company not only for its expertise, but also for its strong customer orientation.

SoundPLANnoise... SoundPLAN has undergone an impressive development from a rather simple calculation tool for traffic noise to a comprehensive and versatile sound calculation program. A dedicated hotline helps with application problems. Occurring program errors are corrected consistently and on short notice.

Bonk-Maire-Hoppmann PartGmbB

SoundPLAN GmbH... is close to the users of its software and fast in support.

SoundPLANnoise... is currently the most user-friendly and powerful software in the field of noise immission control.

SoundPLAN GmbH... We appreciate the friendly, competent and innovative support we have been receiving for many years now, just as we did on the first day of our business relationship!
SoundPLANnoise... From simple to very complex questions; the SoundPLAN program provides everything for expert opinions, quantitatively and qualitatively. It is constantly being further developed with engineering and programming expertise.

SoundPLAN GmbH... Very committed team with always helpful hotline.
SoundPLANnoise... Fast and comfortable to use with good graphical representation for both digitization and documentation.


Klaus Boehmer

SoundPLAN GmbH... nice employees - always ready to help.

SoundPLANnoise... Operation + documentation are very good. Own improvements and suggestions are always taken up and partly already considered.


Ulrich Wilms

If you really need the hotline, you will get a solution!

SoundPLANnoise... comfortable, self-explanatory, comprehensive.

SoundPLAN GmbH... competent and customer-oriented. The hotline is always easy to reach and you will normally receive immediate help.
SoundPLANnoise... user-friendly & innovative. The program is easy and intuitive to use and supports the project process very well.

Dipl.-Ing. K. Langenbach GmbH

Sara Köhler

SoundPLAN GmbH... is a friendly and technically competent team with a dedicated support team!

SoundPLANnoise... user-friendly program in GIS-optics!

SoundPLAN GmbH... is a very customer-oriented software manufacturer. I appreciate that very much.

SoundPLANnoise... offers numerous options for the calculation, evaluation and presentation of the desired data as well as a neat user interface.

Johanna Weißkopf

SoundPLAN GmbH... The good work of the founders, Mr. Braunstein and Mr. Berndt, has been continued by the new team since 2014. Also the fast and reliable hotline as well as the versatile user days are great!
SoundPLANnoise... We have been using SoundPLAN since 1991, when it was still called SCHALLPLAN. We are active in the field of noise protection on traffic routes.

VIC Planning and Consulting GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Mario Schiffel

When we need it, we always get quick and efficient support.

The program contains all the calculation models that we need.

We use the program to calculate noise propagation from industry, roads and railways.

Use of the SoundPLAN requires good knowledge of the calculation models used, and training in the use of the program is required.

There are many possible settings of calculation parameters that affect the calculation results. A better overview of selected settings could be desired.

Rambøll, Danmark

Ole Funk Knudsen

SoundPLAN software has assisted in our projects which covers environmental, industrial and transportation noise. The software is user-friendly and versatile which allows us to provide our wide range of clients with the best noise simulations and graphics.

Acoustech consulting

Oliver Knopperson