Product description

Mapping and analysis software for occupational health

SoundPLANmanda was developed for the documentation and assessment of noise exposure at work.

Based on measurement data, colored noise maps are generated to visualize the distribution of the noise levels over the area.  SoundPLANmanda uses particularly fast interpolation algorithms for this purpose. Measurement data can either be entered manually or conveniently imported. Within the mapping area, workplaces and employees are then defined for which a risk assessment is to be carried out. SoundPLANmanda evaluates the respective noise exposure at the fields as well as the individual duration of stay. If necessary, measures are suggested, such as the use of hearing protection.

In addition to noise mapping, other areas of application are also possible, e.g. the mapping of temperature, CO2 or similar.

Easy to use

The operation of SoundPLANmanda is clear structured and intuitive. This saves you long training periods. And you won't lose the overview even in demanding situations.

Powerful analysis

Within a project, you can manage multiple mapping areas and multiple measurement files, which you can combine as needed. For example, you can analyze different floors or different days of the week. With the help of formulas you can arithmetically link the measurements to perform advanced analysis, such as calculating mean values or differences. The number of variants is unlimited.

Always up to date

To ensure that you are always up to date, all updates are provided online.

Meaningful documentation

SoundPLANmanda provides standard layouts for printouts, which you can easily complete with your company logo. At the push of a button, you create informative tables and graphic outputs. This makes documentation of results efficient and professional.