SoundPLANnoise 8.2

...the development continues...

The new version 8.2 of SoundPLANnoise is available with many new features:

  • For a directivity pattern assigned to a line source, there is a new option "Directivity follows the line source". Thus, e.g. race tracks can be modeled very easily as it is no longer necessary to split sources into multiple parts where the direction changes .
  • For interior calculations, a variant concept is now available to define, calculate and compare different room acoustic plans in a simple and user-friendly way.
  • All surfaces and sources in an industrial hall/room can now be displayed color-coded both in the editor in the GeoDB and in the plan display in the graphic. This allows a quick graphical control of the assigned absorption, sound insulation or emission spectra.
  • Objects in an industrial hall/room can now be combined into groups if desired. This allows the user to structure them very simply and clearly.
  • The BA Outside module has been completely revised. In addition, the current versions of the guidelines DIN 4109:2016/2018 and DIN EN ISO 12354-3:2017, including flanking transmission, have now also been implemented.
  • For the propagation calculation, some new international guidelines have been implemented and, as always, are available to you free of charge in the regular updates.
  • New tabular wall/wall documentation gives among other things an overview of the wall view area and the calculated wall volume or/and as a sum for each individual noise protection structure.
  • The interface to d&b audiotechnik's ArrayCalc has been updated to version 10.10.1. Thus, loudspeakers of the A and SL series can also be modeled now.

All changes, innovations and  improvements are described in detail in the update letter for version 8.2. We wish you a lot of fun with the numerous new functions and are looking forward to your feedback as always.