SoundPLAN Room Acoustics – Training Seminar

Event details

Online - Session


  • Target group: all
  • Duration:  2x half  day (online)


In the course of this training day, we demonstrate SoundPLAN Room Acoustics – how to set up a model, how to get results quickly and how to analyse the results. They’ll be lots of tips and tricks for speedy modelling, efficient calculation runs and a review of the various features offered for inspecting results and displaying them. They’ll also be some background information about the advantages of using SoundPLAN’s sound particle method, how the simulation method works, and some of the things the program does behind the scenes, which should help users to get the most out of their work with it.

We’ll split the work into chunks of 4 sessions, approximately 1.5 hours in length each.

Day 1

Session 1

We’ll start with some slides on the background and motivation for the sound particle method, and the fundamental elements of room acoustics. We’ll then start an open-plan office project in the GeoDatabase, including a tour of the room editor and the features that enable quick and convenient modelling.

  • Coffee break

Session 2

Following a presentation on the run kernel settings for sound particles and room acoustics, we’ll start our first calculations with single point receivers and measurement paths. We’ll inspect the results and review the features of the results tables before going on to consider room acoustic standards, and the different types of room acoustic parameters available.

Day  2

Session 3

There will be a presentation on some things that help with calculation efficiency and some pitfalls to watch out for when doing room acoustics. We’ll look at some more modelling features in the GeoDatabase, including the use of variants for possible noise control treatments, and do some calculations with grid noise maps. We’ll look at options for displaying results in the SoundPLAN graphics program.

  • Coffee break

Session 4

The final session has some flexibility so that we can go into greater depth on things participants are particularly interested in, or catch on things from earlier sessions. If desired, we can discuss alternatives for simple rooms such as SoundPLAN Sarooma.