SoundPLAN offers high end simulation software for noise modeling and air pollution calculations.

SoundPLAN Noise is following a standards based approach. With this software you can work in accordance to the regulations that apply in your area. SoundPLAN has implemented over 50 regulations for road noise, train noise, noise inside buildings, general industrial noise and aircraft noise. 

SoundPLAN understands itself as an advanced planning tool, not as a purely academic exercise, thus the program has a strong focus on what is needed to pinpoint the noise problems and suggest a path to fix them.

SoundPLAN is available in two variants as the full version of SoundPLAN Noise and as the entry package SoundPLAN essential. Both programs share the same calculation engine, data from the single scenario program SoundPLAN essential can be read and processed by the multi scenario full version. 

If your companies simulation needs change and you need more capabilities, you can easily upgrade from SoundPLAN essential to the full version.

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SoundPLAN distributors

SoundPLAN is distributed worldwide through our network of local distributors. Please click on DISTRIBUTORS to get the the listing of distributors.