Installing old software on a new PC

SoundPLAN installations as a fresh installation are guided and all components are on the SoundPLAN DVD or in the download from the web. Sometimes however new PCs are bought to be faster and up to date with hardware and operating system and an existing version of SoundPLAN needs to be installed on the new PC. If the version was bought before the operating system of the new PC was introduced, there is a good chance that the driver for the HASP copy protection that was designed for a previous operating system will not work for the new one. If this is the case, either install the HASP driver from a current DVD (located in \install\HLDriver) or please download the new HASP drivers and install them first before proceeding with the rest of the installation.

After the installation of the HASP driver the installation of the software should proceed without problems.

How to get rid of an outdated HASP driver on your system

In case you have installed an old HASP driver on your system and want to get rid of the old driver before you install a new one, please use the Windows Command prompt and  execute: haspdinstSP –fr –kp and –purge

What types of licenses does SoundPLAN offer?

The Demo Version

This version can be downloaded from the download links of this website. No HASP installations, no license files are required. This version is basically a read only version of SoundPLAN. Only projects that already exist and data files that already exist can be viewed. If you are a SoundPLAN user and want to pass on your project to your clients, please feel free to pass on the Demo Version as the client will be able to view your project.

The Trial Version.

The trial version is a fully licensed version of SoundPLAN, it requires both the setup file and the installation of the HASP driver. The HASP driver allows you to use this program for a total of 30 days, as this is encapsulated in the HASP driver, not even the developers of SoundPLAN can extend the trial on your PC after this date. If you are testing the software and are using a real project, please feel free to use the results of your trial version however you want. After the 30 days of the trial version, the program will revert to the Demo Version. Trial versions are available for both the full version and for SoundPLAN essentials.

Stand-alone version

The standard installation of SoundPLAN and SoundPLAN essential is the stand-alone version. A green HASP copy protection key is attached to a USB port of the PC that will run the SoundPLAN software. A license file with the type BABGxxxx.007 is also required, xxxx here stands for your serial number. When new modules or updates to the maintenance dates etc. are installed, it is enough to copy the new BABGxxxx.007 file to the folder where SoundPLAN is installed. The license file BABGxxxx.007 contains all information about which module is licensed, what is temporarily enabled and when this temp module will expire. To check that this coincides with the license you ordered, please open the SoundPLAN Manager and here click on HELP\LICENSE INFORMATION. A table with your license information will appear, licensed modules are on the left, modules not licensed are on the right.

Network version

The network version of SoundPLAN allows one or multiple licensed (up to 50) users to work concurrently in a company intranet without having the HASP copy protection key physically attached to your PC. The HASP driver will manage to connect your PC with the PC where the red HASP HL NET key is attached. The connection between the users PC and the PC where the HASP key is attached, must be continuous as both will communicate on a regular basis. The PC with the HASP does not even have to be physically at the same location as the users PC. When a user starts SoundPLAN or any of its modules, the number of available licenses is decremented at the PC with the HASP installed and incremented again when the user closes all modules of SoundPLAN.

The borrow function

The borrow function is only available as an add-on to the network version and thus is only available for the full version of SoundPLAN.

Testing the installation

When installing SoundPLAN you can verify that the HASP key is working correctly by opening the Admin Control Center. Just type http://localost:1947 into the internet Explorer and the Sentinel Admin Control Center will appear with information about all HASP keys found on your system. If you cannot see any information about the SoundPLAN HASP, SoundPLAN will not work as a licensed copy! Please contact your local vendor in this case.

Updating after the installation!


After you install SoundPLAN from the DVD, please update the program right away through our website. SoundPLAN is continuously adding features and improving and by the time you install the software from a DVD, the DVD may already be months old and therefore the software should be updated before it is used.