SoundPLAN Packages

Fixed menu or a la carte?

Like in any better restaurant you, the customer, has the choice! Do you want to order a la carte or is a proven combination of menu items better for you?

In SoundPLAN® the Geo-Database module is mandatory. With the Geo-Database some other items such as the Documentation, the Spreadsheet and the Library are delivered. Those components along with the SoundPLAN Manager form the nucleus of the entire SoundPLAN® suite. Around this central hub you can arrange other modules for noise calculations, graphics, post processing of results etc. New modules can be added to an existing and maintained SoundPLAN® license any time without any extra cost.

Many new users start with proven packages such as the Start Kit and add modules to it. This is a good way to start, nothing important gets forgotten and on top of it all, the packages are offering in part substantial savings. The greatest saving of course is reserved to the SoundPLAN complete where the initial acquisition and future maintenance are highly discounted.

The SoundPLAN software can be used stand alone on the single PC where the hardlock is installed or it can be configured as a network license for one or multiple users. The network license requires a network connection between the license server and the clients that want to use the license. If the network is fast and reliable, there are no limitations as to the location of the network server, it can be in the same room or across town. The network license allows one or multiple users to work parallel depending on the number of network license "seats" purchased. The network variant of SoundPLAN is available for a slight surcharge to the stand alone version of the software.