SoundPLAN Modules

Modular by design

Noise control consulting projects are very diverse in scope. Different jobs require different tools. To accommodate this, SoundPLAN has a modular design where you -the user -  purchase only what you actually need. If a new project requires a tool you need, you can order it via e-mail. SoundPLAN International LLC will generate the new license file with the new tool and send it to you attached to an e-mail. Over 95% of the orders ship the same day they are placed.

If you want to read about individual modules, please see the list of modules on the right side of the menu area.

Following is a list of acoustic modules for an overview:

  • The base module: SoundPLAN Manager, Geographical Database, tabular Documentation, Spreadsheet, basic Graphics, DXF and ASCII Interface
  • The noise modules: Road Noise, Railway Noise, Industry Noise, Indoor Factory Noise, Aircraft Noise
  • The Graphics: Grid Noise Map, Grid Cross-sectional Noise Map, Façade Noise Map, Cartography, 3D-Graphics, 3D-Graphics Animation
  • The tools: Wall Design, Expert System for Industry Noise, Windows Dimensioning, Distributed Computing, Noise Mapping Toolbox, Building Acoustics Outside, Noise Allotment, ArcView Interface, TNM Interface